An experienced Automotive Company has emerged to the surface of the automotive accessories market in Dubai, UAE by the name of Pride Ride General Trading. PRGT was founded by young entrepreneurs, who take their passion for cars very seriously that they have decided to share it with the world. 
PRGT follows a professional methodology while carrying out business activities. It is divided into four business units that are concerned with: Product Design, Product Development, Manufacturing, and Quality Assurance. The company's growing catalog includes branded car accessories and tools, such as: Sparco Corsa, Petronas, Petronas Durance, Arexons, Svitol, and Nexx Helmets. 
PRGT has a wide distribution channel that covers the GCC area, in addition to Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen, and Morocco. It is concerned with bringing the best for its customers, so they can enjoy their cars along with their perfectly designed accessories. Our brands' design inspirations come from the dominating trends all around the world. Our goal is to provide you with the desirable swag for your automotive to match your coolness within you. After dealing with PRGT, you will be ready to go out and show off your beautiful ride on the sunny roads of UAE. 
We guarantee that you can count on us. As our enthusiasm, ingenuity, and dedication are the key drives behind delivering you an excellent service

Our Mission

  • To be a leading sales and distribution company in the organizational and consumer markets.
  • The company's objective is to provide customers with quality merchandise at competitive prices, a flexible sales and distribution network nationwide. We have a new team, focused on delivering results.
  • We have a large market share in the world's largest growing markets. we're just getting started.

What We Do

We create and manufacture car accessories that surpass industry standards of innovation and quality.

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    Product Development
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    Manufacturing & Quality Assurance